Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: June 21, 1992

1993 Pinnacle #229 Bob Ayrault
1993 Score #30 Lenny Dykstra
1993 Stadium Club #34 Wes Chamberlain
1993 Topps #43 Ruben Amaro

Having hosted one successful Nostalgia Day in June 1991, the Phillies decided to take another trip back in time in June 1992. For this turn back the clock installment, the Phillies and Cubs wore uniforms from their 1948 seasons. The blue helmets and lack of pinstripes on the home uniforms had not been seen in these parts since just after World War II. The blue helmets would return (briefly) in 1994 and the Phillies would debut an alternate home uniform, based on their 1948 uniforms, for home day games starting in 2008.

Unfortunately, the Phils' retro-uniform record fell to 0-2 as pitcher Kyle Abbott lost for the 8th time. By 1992, I was using clippings from all over the place - the box score and daily standings are from Baseball Weekly, the game summary at the top is from The Phillies Report, the stats are from the Philadelphia Daily News and the other stuff is taken from the Atlantic City Press.

Retro Cards: I found the following baseball cards in my collection featuring Phillies cards from this game:

1993 Medford Phillies #17 Ricky Jordan, #37 Kyle Abbott, #53 Bob Ayrault
1993 Pinnacle #229 Bob Ayrault, #437 Ben Rivera
1993 Score #30 Lenny Dykstra (front & back), #99 Dave Hollins (back), #141 Ricky Jordan (back), #242 Ben Rivera, #289 Bob Ayrault, #415 Mickey Morandini, The Franchise #22 Darren Daulton (back)
1993 Score Select #329 Ben Rivera (back)
1993 Stadium Club #4 Bob Ayrault (back), #34 Wes Chamberlain (front & back)
1993 Topps #43 Ruben Amaro, #126 Bob Ayrault (front & back), #262 Mickey Morandini, #371 Mariano Duncan (back), #649 Tom Marsh (back), Black Gold #3 Darren Daulton (back)

Clearly, the Score and Topps photographers decided to focus on relief pitcher Bob Ayrault during the game! Darren Daulton is wearing a 1948 uniform on his 1992 Studio Heritage Series card (#BC-13), but it's a staged shot.

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