Thursday, February 4, 2010

2000 Fleer Tradition Glossy #334 Desi Relaford

Tallies from the 2000 Phillies binder . . .

Not that Dan was asking, but I have 12 different Desi Relaford cards from 2000, which is probably 11 too many. The break-down of the other starting eight is as follows:

Catcher Mike Lieberthal (48), first baseman Pat Burrell (84), second baseman Mickey Morandini (11 - 5 with the Phils, 6 with the Cubs), third baseman Scott Rolen (121), left fielder Ron Gant (12), center fielder Doug Glanville (34) and right fielder Bobby Abreu (60). Curt Schilling appears in the binder 52 times, and I have not one single 2000 card of closer Jeff Brantley. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

Former prospects Brad Baisley (7), Keith Bucktrot (4) and Russ Jacobson (2) appear in various Topps products, but none of them would ever play for the Phillies.

In total, I have 776 different 2000 Phillies baseball cards, 167 of which are minor league cards.

Fascinating stuff. Hurry up Spring Training.


deal said...

regardless, that is a fine lookin Desi Card - I am a bit of a fan of 2000 Tradition.

As a side note - I have claimed that I was the first person ever to boo Desi Relaford as a Phillie. He booted the very first ball that came to him. it was the 2nd half of a DH v the Cardinals - Ozzie Smiths last trip to the Vet - Feels like Yesterday.

jim said...

Is that counting the Phils in all the sets?

Jim said...

This just includes the Phillies cards in my year 2000 binder . . . the Phillies cards within complete sets aren't included. Conclusion - I had no idea I had this many Phillies cards from 2000.

Paul - I have the 2000 Fleer Tradition set, and I agree with you - it's a great set. Other than Topps Heritage and the in progress 2009 Upper Deck set, it's the only set from the past 10 years I've hand collated.