Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 Chachi #54 Pedro Martinez

And so the Pedro Martinez era begins for the Phillies. In his debut, the future Hall of Famer pitched five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits and a walk. He struck out five as his fastball topped out at 93. The quote of night in our household, which I must have said at least seven times, "I can't believe Pedro is a Phillie."

Phillies debut: August 12, 2009
Major League debut: September 24, 1992
Former teams: Los Angeles Dodgers 1992-1993, Montreal Expos 1994-1997, Boston Red Sox 1998-2004, New York Mets 2005-2008
How acquired: Signed as a free agent formerly with the New York Mets, July 15, 2009
Pictured: Pedro pitches against the Chicago Cubs in his Phillies debut, August 12, 2009


Dan said...

His pitches had some movement, yeah? Also, it's a good thing that the walls at Wrigley are tall, otherwise Victorino might have had a Cub hat trophy.

Jim said...

Shane was actually joking around about the incident after the game. In a post-game interview, he noted the perpetrator's "good aim" and "perfect timing."

Pedro's pitches had good movement and he's only going to get stronger.

Walda said...

My new favorite Phillie - right after Raul. Talked to Aunt Edna this morning. (Our 95 year old aunt, to the rest of you.)She said she thought about you when she watched the game and she thought you would be pretty happy with "that Pedro guy."

Jim said...

I wish Aunt Edna had a blog.