Sunday, September 15, 2019

Philly Baseball Card Show Report - Closer to a 1971 Topps Set, Meeting Cutch

Doug and I had to skip the Valley Forge baseball card show last September (we couldn't remember if it was because of my work schedule, his baseball schedule or both) but we wanted to get to the September show this year.  After an unusual amount of Saturday morning traffic, we arrived to an absolutely packed convention hall.  There were a huge amount of autograph guests, including Phillies greats, Eagles greats and boxing legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfied.  The large crowd meant it was harder to navigate the tables, but Doug and I still managed to pick up quite a bit for our collections.

Having already secured autographs for most of the current and former Phillies players attending, we limited our autograph ticket purchases to just one for Andrew McCutchen.  Cutch looked good and he told us he felt good too.
The haul
Too many autograph guests?
Doug spent his allowance money on a giant stack of current Phillies cards, with his favorite additions being game-used jersey and patch cards for Aaron Nola, Rhys Hoskins and Bryce Harper.  He also found a nice Harper plaque to hang somewhere on his bedroom wall, although he's quickly running out of space.  I'm getting really close to finishing off my 1971 Topps set, so I was determined to cross a few more of those cards off my list.  Here's what I picked up as seen in the photo above:
  • A signed McCutchen photo card and the perfect photo for a new Chachi insert card, complete with a Tyson cameo in the right corner!
  • A Rich Allen photo card from the early 1960s needed for my Phillies photo card collection.
  • Topps Phillies cards from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s for my Phillies team sets.  I'm closing in on a complete run of Topps Phillies cards, needing a bunch of cards from the 1952 Topps set and quite a few tough high numbers.
  • 16 cards for my 1971 Topps set, placing me only 6 cards away from a complete set.  If we get to the Valley Forge show in December, I'll plan on polishing off the set then.
  • And my personal highlight . . . 3 Phillies cards from the T206 set, including the card of the infamous Mustache Man, which will be featured in its own upcoming post.
Memory Lane
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Valley Forge 6 - September 2017 - Doug's big day
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Oaks 2 - December 2018 - Meeting Matt Stairs and Cole Hamels
Valley Forge 8 - March 2019 - 5 Phillies Autographs and Vintage Phillies Additions
Valley Forge 9 - September 2019 - Closing in on 1971 Topps set and Andrew McCutchen


Jim from Downingtown said...

A 1967 high-numbered Tony Gonzalez! Nice!

Section 36 said...

Great haul!

Steve F. said...

Looks like a great day of card shopping! I need to mark my calendar for these things--I completely forgot. And I wanted to get a Pete Rose autograph on either a Jim Bouton signed baseball (where I was going to pay for an inscription, "*@#! you, Shakespeare" on a panel right above Bouton--Pete's verbal attack on Bouton in 1970 after Ball Four came out) or on the Phillies Wall of Fame banner that I bought on eBay that apparently was sneaked out of CBP a couple years ago after his appearance was cancelled. I wonder whether he would have signed one or both--I would guess the answer is yes.

Jim said...

I'm pretty sure Pete would sign anything you put in front of him, as long as you were a paying customer!