Sunday, May 16, 2010

1982 Topps Phillies - Ultimate Edition

1982 Topps #PR1 Porfi Altamirano & #PR10 Dave Roberts

Pre-blog, a few years ago, I started putting together my "ultimate" Phillies team sets for each year between 1980 and 1989. The sets consisted of the base Topps cards for each player appearing with the Phillies in a given year, plus cards that never were for the folks who played with the Phils but didn't make it into either the Topps base or traded sets. I've previously featured cards from this series for Ryne Sandberg, Julio Franco and Larry Andersen, just to name a few.

One of the relatively newer blogs I've enjoyed following is the Ultimate Baseball Card Set blog, which I've previously touted. Kevin's recent post on the ultimate 1982 Phillies team set led me to dig out these 1982 Topps cards that never were. By my earlier count, and as confirmed by Kevin, there were 12 players to play with the 1982 Phillies and not appear within the Topps base or traded sets that year - including Stan Bahnsen and Dave Roberts, who both appear with other teams within the base set.

Here are the 1982 Topps cards that never were for Porfi Altamirano and Dave Roberts. Both appeared in quite a few games with the '82 club (29 for Porfi, 28 for Roberts) so it's only fitting they finally receive their 1982 Topps baseball cards, as Phillies.


Kevin said...

You made these through 1989, very cool...Some reason, I think these look better than what Topps may have actually put out if they included those cards in the set. I am not a big fan of the photography in the Topps set in 1982, as demonstrated with the Mike Schmidt cards/stickers.

Kevin said...

Aside from the cards, this had to have been a frustrating era of sorts to be a Phillies fan. I never realized that until compiling these rosters. Probably a lot was forgiven winning the World Series in 1980 and reappearing in 1983, but they had the youth to probably have been contenders right alongside the Cardinals and Mets through the '80s, but traded it all away for more veterans...following the trade chain they essentially traded away Keith Moreland for a washed up Joe Morgan, but had two solid future 2nd basemen in Sandberg and Franco....keeping one of them when Juan Samuel came up in '83, who may have been an outfielder then, along with Keith Moreland, would have given them a solid lineup for the later half of the '80s. This doesn't even bring up the Lonnie Smith for Bo Diaz trade. The Von Hayes deal doesn't even look bad if they had not made a few earlier trades, as it would've accomplished clearing the way for some of the younger players to get more playing time.

Oh well, it wasn't the Randy Smith era for my Tigers bad though, the Phillies never completely fell out either. Just some thoughts as I never paid that close of attention to that era of Phillies baseball before.

Jim said...

I blame the Phils for letting Dallas Green go over to the Cubs. Once with the Cubs, he traded for or signed away a large chunk of our team in the early '80s, resulting in an NL East pennant for the Cubs in '84. If you look at that '84 Cubs roster, it's shocking how many of those players came directly from the Phillies.

The Phillies ownership/upper management was delusional from 1984 until the late '80s, thinking they had the "team of the decade," what with all the promising young players on the team. It was indeed a tough time to be a fan.

But as I'm mentioned somewhere else before, suffering through those lean years makes the Phillies of recent years all the more enjoyable.

Johngy said...

Back in the day, I would have killed for that Dave Roberts card to exist. I was a big fan and wanted one of him with the Phils.
Great work.

Jim said...

Glad you like it Johngy!