Saturday, March 30, 2019

Annual Section 36 Package Arrives, Marking End of Winter

2018 Topps All-Star Game
Factory Set #11
2018 Topps Big League
Rainbow Foil #227
2018 Topps Big League
Black & White #297
1987 Sportflics #123
2014 Topps Chrome Rookie
Autographs Refractors #128
Like the groundhog emerging from its hole or the first sign of green leaves on the trees, the annual arrival of a box of baseball cards from Section 36 means that we've survived another winter and spring time is almost here.  Each year, Section 36 reduces its baseball card inventory by parting with cards from 10 years prior.  I was expecting the haul to be heavy with cards from 2009, but to my surprise most of the cards were from the past two years.  I think this is because the prior year packages had already featured quite a few cards from 2009, leaving more room for newer cards in this year's box.

I always enjoy receiving this package, flipping through the cards initially and then sorting them.  I couldn't help but notice Doug eyeing up a few cards as I first flipped through them, and sure enough there are a few cards that have already mysteriously disappeared and have already made their way into his Phillies binder.

Here are some other observations from this year's installment:
  • The oldest card received was a 1987 Sportflics Juan Samuel card.  I remember when Sportflics first came out and thinking we were truly living in the future.  Cards that move?  What magical witchcraft is this?
  • Curt Schilling, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt were heavily featured in this year's assortment of cards.
  • Doug was a huge fan of the 2018 Topps Big League set, so numbered parallels from that set for Vince Velasquez and Nick Williams have already entered his collection.  His favorite autograph-seeking cards are the black and white parallels Topps puts out, so it's only a matter of time before he tracks down a new Williams' autograph.
  • Manufactured "Patch" cards confuse me somewhat as an old school collector, but I think these are cool.
  • I received a full 2018 Topps Phillies team set with a special foil All-Star Game stamp on the front.  These were available only with complete Topps factory sets and I'm always happy to add these quirky parallels to my collection.
  • Finally, and what could be the first of many Bryce Harper cards sent to me from Section 36 over the next 13 years, I received a rare French text variation card of Harper's from the recently released 2019 Topps Heritage set.
2018 Topps Players Weekend
Patches #PWP-RH
2019 Topps Heritage French Text #415
2019 Topps 150th Anniversary
Manufactured Patches #AMP-RH
Another great package and all welcome editions to The Phillies Room archives!  A return package featuring nothing but Red Sox cards will soon be on its way to Section 36.

Memory Lane - Section 36 Purge


Section 36 said...

Glad everything found a good home! I'm surprised myself that it was light on 2009. I'll have to check to see if I missed any.

Love the idea of autographing the black and whites. I bet those look great.

Also not sure what to make of the manu-patches. But at the same time, can't decide why they bother me.

Jim said...

Thanks again! Always look forward to your annual packages.