Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cards from the 6th Annual @Section_36 Purge

2005 Topps Opening Day #145
2005 Bowman Gold #209
2005 Studio #214
2005 Topps Total #404
2005 Topps #420
As I was preparing this post, it struck me that this blog has another birthday coming up that will mark six years since I started on this internet based journey.  It's no coincidence that this is also the sixth year that Ron from Section 36 has sent me his Phillies cast-offs from ten years ago in his annual purge of decade old baseball cards.  Ron was one of the first virtual friends I made six years ago when I started this blog and I hope we get to meet up during our family's next visit to Fenway*.

There were some newer cards in Ron's package, along with some strange Roy Halladay action figure thing that's now perched on my son Doug's bureau**, but the highlight of the package were cards from 2005 that I had never seen before.  In 2005, I was newly married and we were saving our pennies to buy a new house.  There was little room in the budget for baseball cards which is why my 2005 Phillies binder is still the thinnest binder on my shelf.

Thanks again Ron and here's hoping the Phillies go easy on the Red Sox in the 2015 World S . . . oh forget it.  See you in 2016.  Or maybe 2017.

*Could be as early as next summer . . . we have trips in the works for this summer to Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

**What is this thing?

Memory Lane


Steve F. said...

Why that's a 2013 Topps Roy Halladay Vinyl Mini Figure!

and a description:

Strange item.... Are you sure Section 36 didn't smuggle some diamonds in there?

Jim said...

And now I know!

Section 36 said...

And, now I know too. Which is good, because I also have a Verlander!