Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The First Phillie of 2015

2015 Topps #309
I was pleasantly surprised last night to find packs of 2015 Topps Series One on the shelves of our local Target.  I had stopped on my way home from work fully expecting to come home empty handed.  I bought a few of the $9.99 mini blasters and some loose packs for each of my sons to open.  My wife Jenna also participated in the ceremonial opening of the first packs of the new year, and it was she who came across the First Phillie.  Maikel Franco took the honors this year, and he joins the prestigious ranks of those First Phillies who came before him, linked below.

Here are my other initial thoughts on the 2015 Topps set, in no particular order:

- Man, it's going to be hard to come up with a template based on this set's design in order to create custom cards.  I'm sure the more talented graphic designers will pull it off but I'll probably sit this one out.  Topps really decided to mix it up this year with gradients and all kinds of geometric design elements in the background of both the colored bottom borders and the lighter top borders.  I had originally thought the top portion of the card had a white border, but it's actually a light grayish border with splotches in it.

- I really like how easy it is to read everything on the fronts (and backs) of the cards.  The only gold foil to be found is within the Topps logo and I'm OK with that.  Past sets used foil lettering all over the place and you had to turn the card just right in some instances to make out the players' name or team.  The white text for the player's name is also a nice touch.

- The backs put me in mind of a early 2000s Fleer card, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  "Series One" is clearly indicated over an easy-to-read number.  I don't think this series designation has ever been done before by Topps.

- Bummed that two of the five Phillies we found in our packs are now gone.  Along with Franco's card, we got cards for Cliff Lee, Carlos Ruiz, Marlon Byrd (now with the Reds) and Antonio Bastardo (now with the Pirates).
2015 Topps #300

- Mike Trout's card is fantastic, and I have a feeling this card will eventually disappear from my pile and make its way into my oldest son Doug's collection.

Past First Phillies


Steve F. said...

Hey, that's a nice-looking card design by Topps this year! And I really love the near-total absence of foil. Is this the first time since 1994 that the player's name isn't printed in foil? Hooray! I'm stopping at Target today--thanks for the heads-up.

Section 36 said...

Hooray for no foil!

Anonymous said...

As I drove around a bit today, I was in three different Target stores today, and no luck at all. One store had a cart full of sealed cases that said something like "NEW RELEASES". Talk about a tease...

Jim said...

You are correct! First time since 1994 that the player's name is not in foil.