Friday, January 30, 2015

2013 Phillies Team Issue - 2nd Edition

Number of Cards:  40
Card Size:  4" x 6"
Description:  This is the second of four straight team issued sets featuring basically the same design elements.  The player's name, number and position are listed at the bottom of the card in a red and blue design with the Phillies script logo appearing in one of the top corners.  All photos used for this set were taken during 2013 regular season games.  The horizontal card backs feature biographical information and complete career statistics.

How Distributed:  The 40-card set was available for sale at the ballpark beginning in early July.  I bought my set on July 6th, and I reviewed the comings and goings in the set in this game summary post.

Complete Standard Checklist:  The cards are unnumbered, but I've presented them below ordered by uniform number.
  • 31 - Erik Kratz
  • 33 - Cliff Lee
  • 34 - Roy Halladay
  • 35 - Cole Hamels
  • 37 - Mike Adams
  • 38 - Kyle Kendrick
  • 40 - Michael Stutes
  • 41 - Charlie Manuel MG
  • 44 - Jonathan Pettibone
  • 47 - Jeremy Horst
  • 48 - Phillippe Aumont
  • 50 - Tyler Cloyd
  • 51 - Carlos Ruiz
  • 54 - Rod Nichols CO
  • 55 - Joe Savery
  • 58 - Jonathan Papelbon
  • 59 - Antonio Bastardo
  • 79 - Justin De Fratus
  • Phillie Phanatic
  • Phillies Broadcasters
One and Done (0)
First Appearances (3):  Cloyd, Hernandez, Pettibone
Returning Players (27):  Adams, Aumont, Bastardo, Brown, De Fratus, Frandsen, Galvis, Halladay, Hamels, Horst, Howard, Kendrick, Kratz, Lannan, Lee, Mayberry Jr., Nix, Papelbon, Revere, Rollins, Ruf, Ruiz, Savery, Stutes, Utley, D. Young, M. Young

The First Appearance designation is for players who have never before appeared within a Phillies team issued set.  These players may have already appeared on other Phillies baseball cards.

Manager (1):  Manuel
Coaches (7):  Billmeyer, Dubee, Henderson, Joyner, Nichols, Samuel, Sandberg
Phillie Phanatic (1)
Broadcasters (1):  The card features Tom McCarthy, Scott Franzke, Larry Andersen, Gary Matthews, Chris Wheeler, Gregg Murphy and Jim Jackson in suits.
Commemorative Cards (0)

Variations/Rarities:  In December 2016, I learned of a blank-backed card for Nichols with a Phillies script logo on the back.  There are also cards for two 2013-2014 offseason additions to the club, both featuring portrait photos and a Phillies logo on the back.

  • 3 Marlon Byrd
  • 12 John Mizerock CO

Also See:  On August 10, 2013, with the Phillies floundering in the standings and having just released Delmon Young, I put together a list of which players should be added and which players should be dropped in a hypothetical Phillies Team Issue 2.1 set.  Alas, it never was and John McDonald, Zach Miner and Casper Wells had to go without team issued cards.
Trivia:  Beckett omits this set from its online database.


Steve F. said...

Alas, we will never have a card to remember the night that both Wells and McDonald pitched in an 18-inning game. I stayed up to watch the whole game for some reason, and I always felt bad for Wells there. While he did go 0 or 7 with 4 Ks and allow 4 earned runs to blow the game, he actually retired the first two hitters he faced and looked like he might have a Wilson Valdez-like appearance. But then the roof caved in and the next 6 hitters reached base, leading to the Good Phight blog asking whether it was the worst single-game-performance ever in major league history.... ( But Wells was a trooper. I remember the stories the next day saying that Sandberg asked whether any position players could pitch and no one answered until Wells said that he had pitched in high school or maybe college, so Sandberg said, "Go warm up." He deserved a better outcome!

Jim said...

Wells only has a virtual Chachi card to remind us of his "special" night:

Steve F. said...

Ah, good memories! I like your mention of Tuffy Gosewich. I wonder whether he would inscribe a baseball, "Only player in ML history to be retired twice in one inning by two different non-pitchers pitching"?

I wonder whether Pete Carroll would inscribe a football "Worst play call in NFL history"?

I guess the odds of getting either inscription are about the same.