Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects #BHP71 Kyle Kendrick

Phillies 4, Yankees 1
Spring Training Game 24 - Tuesday Afternoon, March 19th in Clearwater
Record - 11-12-1

One Sentence Summary:  Kyle Kendrick and Domonic Brown led the Phillies over the Yankees in a 4-1 victory.

What It Means:  It appears as if Kendrick is settling into his role as fourth starter and Brown is primed to start the season as the team's regular left fielder.

What Went Right:  Kendrick allowed just an unearned run in his six innings of work.  Brown hit his sixth home run and he's now the spring leader in home runs (6), slugging percentage (.714), hits (25) and runs (21).  Of course, they don't put Spring Training stats on the backs of bubble gum cards.  Ryan Howard contributed his fifth home run of the spring.

2006 Bowman Heritage #61
Featured Cards:  I'm preparing my post on the 2006 Topps Phillies cards, which means my 2006 Phillies binder is out in front of me.  Unlike the Topps Heritage sets, the Bowman Heritage sets jumped around chronologically as follows -

2001 Bowman Heritage - 1948 Bowman
2002 Bowman Heritage - 1954 Bowman
2003 Bowman Heritage - "1956" Bowman
2004 Bowman Heritage - 1955 Bowman
2005 Bowman Heritage - 1951 Bowman
2006 Bowman Heritage - 1949 Bowman
2007 Bowman Heritage - 1952 Bowman

The cards featured here are from the 1949 Bowman-inspired 2006 Bowman Heritage set.  Topps never produced Bowman Heritage sets using the 1950 or 1953 designs and the designs used for the 2003 Bowman Heritage set were taken from prototypes of the never issued 1956 Bowman release.  I wonder how much longer until Topps brings back the Bowman Heritage brand using Bowman designs from 1989 and early '90s?  The company has already resurrected a few '90s Bowman and Bowman's Best designs for various insert sets.

And wouldn't it be cool to try to complete one of these Bowman Heritage sets today?  Perhaps boxes of 2004 or 2005 Bowman Heritage are less expensive today than they were eight or nine years ago . . .

Camp Head Count:  36 minus 1 = 35.  Pitcher Rodrigo Lopez was reassigned to minor league camp following his rough outing on Monday.

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