Thursday, March 21, 2013

1984 Tastykake Phillies Update Jeff Stone

Thanks to the good folks over at the up and coming new blog, Phillies Stadium Giveaways, I'm one step closer to crossing a white whale off my want lists.  The 1984 Tastykake Phillies Update set contains seven postcard-sized cards of late season roster additions, and I've never seen a set for sale anywhere.

With the addition of this Jeff Stone card, graciously supplied from Phillies SGA, I'm down to needing just six cards from the set.

Please check out the fantastic Phillies Stadium Giveaways blog when you have a chance.  It has already helped me identify the date of the first Phillies game I ever attended.  The giveaway at my first game was a Phillies poster painted by Dick Perez and featuring the entire 1979 Phillies team.  Based on the listing here, it looks as if that game was on July 15, 1979.  If you look closely at my profile picture, I'm holding a copy of the poster and I definitely need to write more about that first game at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Seven? I have the updates listed as four total cards (bringing the total to 44 cards): Don Carman, John Russell, Jeff Stone, & Dave Wehrmeister. Whom am I missing?

Jim said...

The Standard Catalog (2001 version) lists 47 total cards. I have 40 of the cards listed, so I assumed the remaining 7 that I don't have make up the update series:

Carman, Daulton, Fireovid, Jeltz, Russell, Stone and Wehrmeister

Perhaps the Daulton, Fireovid and Jeltz cards are part of the original set and I just don't have them?

Anonymous said...

The Daulton, Fireovid and Jeltz cards are news to me. I thought I had a complete set for over 20 years -- it doesn't help matters that the 2011 iteration of the Standard Catalog doesn't list the set. I wonder why it is they stopped listing it.

Jim said...

I think I remember reading somewhere (maybe Bob Lemke's blog) that it was getting way too difficult (and unnecessary) to track newer cards in the Standard Catalog. So they made the decision to just focus on updating listings for cards released up until 1980.

I have three older Standard Catalogs - 1988 (first edition), 1998 and 2001. The first edition lists the 1984 Tastykake Phillies set as having 44 cards and it omits the Daulton, Jeltz and Fireovid cards. The 1998 and 2001 versions list the set as having 47 cards with those three cards included. The Beckett database also lists the set as having 44 cards.

At some point, the Standard Catalog editors must have received confirmation that these cards existed . . . but do they?

Anonymous said...

Given the way the Phillies handled their Second Edition Team Set last year and the fact that Beckett's online catalog does have readily discernible omissions, I'd argue that the the need for a fully updated catalog is more important than ever.

Phlyfn said...

Hi, great blog! I noticed the brown Vet Stadium seats, behind you in the picture. Back in the mid 90s, when they started to convert the seats to the new blue ones for the 1996 All Star Game, I picked a few of those out of the dumpster! Wished they had the orange and yellow seats, but I'm glad I have a couple of original Vet seats!

Jim said...


I have two of the post-96 blue seats, but I'd love to have two of the pre-96 orange seats!

Matt said...

Hey Jim,

Just a heads up, came across a guy on eBay selling 1984 Tastykake Daultons, wasn't sure if you were still looking for one.

Jim said...

Thanks Matt! Mine is on its way. I'm down to just the Fireovid and Jeltz cards from the '84 Update set.