Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2010 Topps Red Hot Rookies #RHR-7 Domonic Brown

Braves 17, Phillies 10
Spring Training Game 23 - Monday Afternoon, March 18th in Lake Buena Vista
Record - 10-12-1

One Sentence Summary:  The Braves outhit the Phillies as Rodrigo Lopez and Aaron Cook, both trying to make the club, looked shaky in their outings.

What It Means:  Best case scenario is that one of these guys makes the team as a long-man/middle reliever.  Worst case scenario is that one of these guys makes the team as its fifth starter, meaning that something is wrong with Roy Halladay.

What Went Wrong:  Lopez allowed seven earned runs on eight hits in his two innings of work.  Cook allowed two earned runs in his three innings.  The defense committed three more errors and Darin Ruf helped swat a ball over the fence for a two-run home run.

The hot hitting Domonic Brown continued his impressive spring with three more hits to raise his average to .400.  He hit his fifth home run of the spring.  Yuniesky Betancourt, who is either going to make the team as a utility infielder or find himself traded to a someone in need of a glove, had a four-hit game.

Featured Card:  For the first time since I added this card to my collection, Brown is officially red hot and I sincerely hope he can carry this red hotness over to the regular season.  Topps included a series of redemption cards in packs of its 2010 series two release, and Brown's card was one of the ten rookie redemptions available.


Steve F. said...

One rumor I heard is that Halladay and Papelbon were celebrating a bit too much on St. Patrick's Day and were just hung over. I hope that was the case!

I need to add that Dom Brown card to my collection. I did add a signed Brown card last year for about $6, shipping included--hopefully that turns into the very definition of Buy Low.

Jim said...

If he lost 10 pounds, it seems as if Halladay was actually sick. And I can't imagine him hanging out with Papelbon, let alone going on a bender with Papelbon!

I picked up this Dom Brown card and a bunch of his other cards last year when people were trying to unload his stuff. I'm hoping for a big year from him . . .