Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Phillies Want List

2012 Topps #150
All good wantlists need to start somewhere, so here's the start of my 2012 Phillies wantlist.

Panini Cooperstown
Bronze History - 25 Connor, 32 Flick, 47 Keefe, 80 Thompson
Credentials - 17 Schmidt

Topps Series 1
Gold Team Rings - GTR-MS Schmidt
Gold World Series Champions Pins - GCP-MS Schmidt
Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome (Redemption Set) - GMDC-15 Carlton
Retired Rings - RR-MS Schmidt

Topps Allen & Ginter's
Autographs - MSC Schmidt, RH Halladay, VW Worley

Topps Archives
1956 Relics - 56R-SCA Carlton
Fan Favorites Autographs - FFA-MWI Williams, FFA-VH Hayes

Topps Five Star
Base Set - 8 Halladay, 23 Hamels, 33 Schmidt, 56 Lee

Topps Gypsy Queen
Relics - GQR-JRO Rollins, GQR-SC Carlton

Topps Heritage
Blue Border - 296 Thome
Real One Autographs - EA Averill

Topps Mini
Promos - TMB-4 Halladay
Relics - MR-14 Hamels

Topps Museum Collection
Jumbo Lumber Relics - MMJLR-RI Ibanez
Momentous Material Jumbo Relics - MMJR-CLE Lee, MMJR-CU Utley, MMJR-CH Hamels, MMJR-HP Pence, MMJR-RH Halladay, MMJR-RHO Howard, MMJR-RO Oswalt
Primary Pieces Four-Player Quad Relics - PPFGR-LRUV Lee/Rollins/Utley/Victorino
Primary Pieces Quad Relics - PPQR-CL Lee, PPQR-CU Utley, PPQR-JRO Rollins, PPQR-RH Halladay, PPQR-RHO Howard, PPQR-SV Victorino
Signature Swatches Autographed Dual Relics - SSADR-CH Hamels, SSADR-HP Pence, SSADR-SV Victorino

Topps Update
Award Winners Gold Rings - MS Schmidt, RH Halladay
Gold Hall of Fame Plaque - HOFMS Schmidt


Section 36 said...

I have the 9 from the base set waiting for you.

Jim said...

Awesome! Thank you.

Steve F. said...

Are your older wantlists up to date? I started collecting in 1977 but have acquired a lot of doubles of earlier cards as well and can try to look to see whether i can help. If I find some on your lists at some point, I'll let you know.

Jim said...

Hi Steve. Yes, all my want lists are up to date. There's a black hole period in there (2003-2005) that I need to work on, but everything else is up to the minute. Thanks for looking out for me!

Unknown said...

Any interest in a gold-bordered Michael Martinez (64) and/or gold sparkle John Mayberry (353) from 2012 Topps?

Jim said...

Brian - Sure thing! Anything I could trade you in return?