Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1990 Phillies - No Missing Links (Sort Of)

1990 CMC #231, 1990 Fleer Update #U-45, 1991 Topps Debut #159 and 1991 Topps #603A
Due to the complete lack of Phillies news over the past several days, my inability to write anything further about the 2012 Topps set until I actually own more 2012 Topps Phillies cards, and the fact that researching Phillies baseball cards of fringe players from the early '90s is fun, I'm going to take a look at those Phillies who appeared on 2 or less baseball cards from the 1990 team.

And as a complete random aside, how is it that I've never added the 1990 Tastykake Phillies set to my collection?  If I ever get around to adding a "Most Wanted" section to my sidebar, the 1990 Tastykake Phillies set will top the list.

There were 43 players who appeared with the 1990 Phillies.  Here are the guys who appeared on the lowest number of baseball cards as Phils.

1989 Tastykake Phillies #19
3 Cards or More
39 Players

Dickie Noles makes the cut, but solely on his Phillies baseball card output from 1980 through 1982.  He appeared in 1 game with the 1990 Phillies, which turned out to be his last game in the Majors.  His only Phillies-related card from the '90s is his 1990 CMC card featuring him with the Triple-A Red Barons.

2 Cards
Brad Moore (5 games in 1988 and 3 games in 1990) - 1989 Topps #202 and 1990 Fleer Update #U-45

1 Card
Jim Vatcher (36 games in 1990) - 1991 Topps Debut #159**
Tom Nieto (11 games in 1989 and 17 games in 1990) - 1989 Tastykake Phillies #19
Louie Meadows (15 games in 1990) - 1991 Topps #603A

I'm surprised that Vatcher only appeared on one Phillies card, and it was well after he had left the organization in August 1990 as part of the Dale Murphy trade with the Braves.  And Nieto, the back-up catcher's back-up, gets absolutely no recognition from the baseball card manufacturers.

Including Meadows on this list is a stretch, since his sole card with the Phillies isn't his at all.  It's Wes Chamberlain's card, with Meadows' photo erroneously featured.  So if you want to get all technical about it:

0 Cards
Louie Meadows (15 games in 1990)

Barring any major Phillies news or pitchers and catchers deciding to report a week early, look for the 1991 installment of this series soon.

**UPDATE (October 4, 2014) - Please see this post which covers the 1990 Phillies Team Issue Vatcher card.


Steve F. said...

I have an uncut sheet of 1989 Tastykake cards signed by everyone but two players--Rick Schu and Tom Nieto. (I bought it on eBay for something like $50--and it includes a legitimate, nicely signed Schmidt autograph. I didn't do the legwork on it, and I'm sure whoever did put in a lot more than $50 worth of effort.) And this is, as I just discovered, Tom Nieto's only Phils card. Looks like he must be a tough one to get.

Jim said...

That sounds like quite a collector's item!

I believe Schu is still in baseball with the Nationals' organization, but I'm guessing he doesn't do many signing appearances. Good luck tracking down the elusive Tom Nieto . . .

Steve F. said...

Can someone be "elusive" if practically no one is really looking for him???

If a guy was on a key Phillies team, he is bound to show up at shows on occasion. Tom Nieto and Rick Schu do not fit that mold.