Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #112 Mike Schmidt

I recently acquired a nice-sized lot of 2011 Phillies cards from for several reasons:

1.  I wanted to clear out the easier to find (cheap) base and insert cards from my 2011 Phillies Wantlist before the 2012 cards starting hitting the shelves in a few weeks.

2.  I got the itch.  I haven't added many "new" Phillies cards to my collection since the fall and I was anxious to sample some of the cards I missed from the Topps Tier One, Marquee and Finest releases.  I'd never buy packs of these brands, but I'll admit I'm kind of impressed with the quality of these cards.

3.  I absolutely, positively had to add the card featured here to my collection.  This card goes squarely into the so bad, it's good category.  Upper Deck no longer holds a license from Major League baseball and so it is not allowed to feature team logos or team names on its cards.  So in lieu of a shot of Michael Jack Schmidt swinging a bat or fielding a grounder, we get this shot of him doing his best 1970's Mike Brady impersonation.  Far out.

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Anthony Hughes said...

I love this card, but I didn't think of Mike Brady when I picked it up - I thought porn star! lol.