Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2006 Chachi #7 Aaron Rowand

I've uploaded the entire 71-card 2006 Chachi set to its own Picassa Web Album.  It joins the complete 2005 Chachi set, uploaded a few weeks ago.

I've discussed my affinity for the 1981 Topps set on this blog before, and the set was an easy choice for the second ever Chachi set.  Observant collectors will note that I changed the button on the top of the Phillies cap to blue from the original white, in keeping with the team's current look.

I also spent more time planning for the 2006 Chachi set throughout the 2005 season.  Whenever there was a good picture of a player available on the internet, I'd save it to be used for the set.  Some players still posed challenges.  Middle relievers don't get a whole lot of press, so tracking down good shots to use for Geoff Geary's and Aaron Fultz' cards wasn't easy.  I never did find Phillies pictures of Brian Sanches, Joe Thurston or late-season addition Randall Simon before the end of the 2006 season.  (Pictures of Sanches and Thurston in Phillies gear turned up after the season, but I again resisted my inner-George Lucas and I haven't modified the original set.)

Threre are a few original photographs featured in the set.  I took usable pictures of Rick White, Fabio Castro and Rheal Cormier during the team's annual photo day and I was able to turn these pictures into Chachi cards.  Believe it or not, the picture of Matt Smith was snapped off Phanavision during a 2006 game using my little digital camera.

For links to the other Chachi sets, please visit the new and improved Chachi Sets page.

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