Friday, June 17, 2011

Oddballs and Zistle

1968 Topps Game #20 and #23
As I patiently wait for the Phillies' late start tonight, I wanted to feature a few recent additions to my collection and plug Zistle one more time.

1964 Topps Coins #35
Thanks to the kindness of a few fellow Phillies fans, I recently crossed three "cards" off my Phillies Oddball wantlists.  Jim from Downingtown, he of the many wonderful set blogs, had doubles of the two Phillies featured in the 1968 Topps Game set - Richie Allen and Tony Gonzalez.  This set is the grand-daddy of the modern-day Topps Attax set.  In return, Jim asked for a few custom Chachi cards featuring Phillies who should have had cards in the late '60s.  I'm striking out finding a good color picture to use for a 1968 Topps Roberto Pena card, so please contact me if you think you can help with this little project.

Brad, who is trying to track down the 1991, 1994 and 2002 Phillie Phanatic cards from the team issued sets, had a duplicate Ray Culp coin from the 1964 Topps Coins set.  This is the first "coin" in my collection and I sincerely appreciate Brad's generosity.

Finally, I've been hard at work adding my Phillies baseball card collection to the Zistle database.  As of this writing, I've entered my collection through the 1986 TCMA All-Time Phillies set.  Apparently, one of the cards I added yesterday was the one millionth card* added to their database, as noted in their recent blog post.  Pretty cool.  For the record, I can now tell you I have 10 Johnny Wockenfuss cards in my collection.  That's the kind of hard core knowledge completely unavailable to me until my recent Zistle adventure.

*I originally featured the one millionth card in a Scrapbook Sunday feature.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

This might be the only picture of Richie Allen smiling!