Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Chachi #27 Charlie Manuel & Coaches

As I slumber tonight - that's right, I'm tired, it's late and I refuse to feel guilty about not watching every inning of every Phillies game, and everything's just fine (deep breath) - As I slumber tonight, I leave the Phils in the very capable hands of manager Charlie Manuel and his field leaders. They seem to have things under control lately and me talking to my TV screen and telling Jimmy Rollins to take a pitch every once in a while doesn't seem to be the main impetus behind the team's winning ways.

This was a fun Chachi card to make, #27 in this year's set, as it mimics the manager and coaches' cards found within the original '74 Topps set. Not all of the coaches' floating heads could fit on this card, so former hitting coach Milt Thompson and 1st base coach Davey Lopes ended up with their own cards. New hitting coach Greg Gross will also make an appearance (as card #46) in this year's Chachi set.


Matt Runyon said...

Back in the day all teams had were a pitching coach, hitting coach, 1st base coach, and 3rd base coach. None of this stuff about bench coaches, bullpen coaches, baserunning coaches, etc. You would almost have to make two of these cards to fit all of the coaches in.

Jim said...

I seem to recall a few of '73 and '74 manager/coaches card only featuring 3 coaches with the manager.

Jim from Downingtown said...


Back in the 1960s, the Phillies only had 2 base coaches, a pitching coach, and a bullpen coach. No hitting coach (which apparently directly affected the Phillies "hitting" back then!)