Monday, August 30, 2010

Phillies at Dodgers: August 30th through September 1st

Monday & Tuesday 10:10, Wednesday 3:10

Records: Phillies 73-57, 2nd Place in the NL East (2 games behind the Braves); Dodgers 67-64, 4th Place in the NL West (10 games behind the Padres).  The Phillies currently lead the NL Wild Card, with a 1½ game lead over the Giants:

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter
Baseball Highlight Sketches
Not Gonna Do It (Maybe):  I'm going to bed at decent hours on Monday and Tuesday nights.  I have a busy week at work, responsibilites to attend to, and I need my sleep.  I'm going to watch the first few innings, turn off the TV and be in bed by 11.  Unless it's a close game.  And then maybe I'll watch a little bit more, turn off the TV and be in bed by 11:15, 11:30 at the latest.  Unless the Phils are leading and there's just a few more innings to go and then maybe I'll get ready for bed, but watch another inning.  And then I'll turn off the TV and go straight to bed.  Unless the Phils are behind by less than 6 runs going into the 9th and the Dodgers are bringing in Jonathan Broxton.  Then I'll watch the 9th inning dramatic comeback and go straight to bed. 

I'm going to be tired at work this week.

(This baseball card of course features Jimmy Rollins' game-winning walk-off double in Game 4 of the 2009 NLCS.  The hit came off Broxton, the Dodgers' closer.  I love that guy.)

Phillies Probables: Roy Halladay, Kyle Kendrick, Roy Oswalt
Dodgers Probables: Hiroki Kuroda, Carlos Monasterios, Clayton Kershaw

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