Saturday, June 26, 2010

2004 Bowman Heritage #171 Robin Roberts

Blue Jays 5, Phillies 1
Game 72 - Saturday Afternoon, June 26th in Philadelphia

It seems as if the story today was that Cole Hamels didn't pitch all that poorly, but the poor pitches he did throw were hit for home runs by the Blue Jays. Hamels lasted only 4 innings, allowing 5 runs on 3 home runs. The Phils managed just 5 hits, including a solo home run from Ryan Howard, as they just could never get anything going against the Jays' pitching.

Hamels has allowed 18 home runs this season, 1 behind NL leader Dan Haren. For his career, he's now allowed 114 home runs, which is well behind the top spot held jointly by Robin Roberts and Jamie Moyer with 505. Hopefully, Moyer continues to share the top spot with Roberts after the conclusion of tomorrow afternoon's ballgame.

Roy Praises Chase: In a pre-game press conference, Roy Halladay addressed the media and answered several questions about his tenure so far with the Phillies and the difficulty of leaving behind the only other organization he's ever known. I'm paraphrasing, and some of the better quotes from the press conference are on the team's website, but when asked about the biggest difference between the Blue Jays the winning style of the Phillies, Halladay didn't hesitate to answer: Chase Utley. His direct quote: "Chase is obviously the driving force behind this team. He'll never admit it, but his preparation and desire is second to none. You combine that with other guys who have it and a lot of that starts rubbing off."

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