Monday, January 18, 2010

2004 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness #SGA-GG Greg Golson

Random Acts of Baseball Card Kindness, Part 1

The good folks from Section 36 recently sent an impressive stack of Phillies baseball cards my way, including this wood-grained, on-card autograph card of Greg Golson. The package also contained several older Steve Carlton cards (including his '81 Fleer and Donruss offerings) as well as an impressive array of Mike Schmidt, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins and Mike Lieberthal cards. (The 1997 Topps Adam Eaton card has already found its way into my son's collection. The last I checked, it was losing a battle against the Evil Emperor Zurg.)

As a bonus, I received a custom made Section 36 score card. These custom score cards have appeared in Section 36's semi-regular "I Scored" posts, and I've commented in the past how much I can appreciate a good score card. I hope to use my custom score card to score a 2010 Phillies game, and I'll be sure to share the results in a future post.

Thanks again Section 36, and I hope our relationship remains cordial even after the Phils sweep the Sox in Boston in mid-June.


Section 36 said...

Glad you liked the cards. Sorry to hear Adam is losing his battle. I'm sure Buzz will be along to help any minute now.

Hope the scorecard works out for you. I also appreciate a good one, which is why I made my own. Let me know if you find it missing anything... I can update it on version II. Now that you have a copy of the card, it should be even easier for you to enter my scavenger hunt, and win a whole book of scorecards!

As for the Phils in June...did I mention that the Sox have owned Halladay of late? Coming up to Fenway for the series?

Jim said...

Buzz seems uninterested in saving Mr. Eaton . . .

On first glance, I already like the fact you've included three rows for each position in the line-up. I'll provide my review after giving it a test drive in April.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it up to Fenway this year. I'm embarassed to say I've never visited Boston, although I hope to rectify that situation in the next 2-3 years.

Section 36 said...

I never understood the two line versions. Of course you have a pinch hitter/runner, then replace him for a guy who plays the position. Three seems a minimum.

Too bad about Fenway. I've been to a Sox/Phils game at the well as Fenway. Have to get to one in the new park down there to complete the set.