Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Topps 206 #46 Cliff Lee

Head Spinning II, Lunch Break Edition

A sobering thought from David Murphy's blog for the Philadelphia Daily News: "Since the Phillies are trading Cliff Lee and his $9 million salary to the Mariners to help accommodate Roy Halladay's salary, it is worth noting that the one thing standing in the way of one year of Halladay-Lee-Hamels might have been the two-year contract that Jamie Moyer signed last offseason that guarantees him $8 million this season."

Best Breakdown: Phuture Phillies has the most thorough (and slightly depressing) analysis I've seen yet of all the prospects involved in the proposed two trades. How does this guy know this much, especially about the Mariners prospects?

Best Quote: Old sage Bill Conlin puts the whole thing in perspective as only he can, observing, "Look at us . . . Quibbling over which Cy Young winner goes and which one comes aboard."


Section 36 said...

Obviously, I don't know the Phillies prospects. But, there aren't three guys in the Red Sox system I wouldn't part with if it got me Halladay.

As for Lee, when he says things like, "Look what CC got," he wasn't staying in Philly. Grabbing Docw as a good move.

Still would love to have seen the Doc/Lee/Hamels trio give it a while. Especially since the Phils are in the NL.

Pop-Pop said...

What can Halladay give us that Lee cannot

Pop-Pop said...

My favorite Phil is Ross Gload

Jim said...

Hopefully Halladay can give us a World Championship!

I too am excited by the addition of Mr. Gload.

Section 36 said...

Halladay gives you four years that Lee would not