Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Chachi Special Edition #KD Kyle Drabek

I've had a little more time to digest the proposed blockbuster trade that would send Cliff Lee to Seattle and Roy Halladay to Philly. And my reaction (for now) is that I don't like it. Mainly because I'd like to have my cake and eat it too, but also because the Phils are shipping coveted pitching prospect Kyle Drabek to the Blue Jays. As the proposed trade evolved, it went from a 3-team trade to two separate trades with the Halladay deal contingent on the Phillies' ability to shed Cliff Lee's salary. With Lee (reportedly) not willing to talk long-term contract and with the fear he may walk at the end of 2010, the Phillies apparently felt the need to send him packing.

Don't get me wrong - I won't be upset when the trade goes down, but greedily, I would have loved to have had Halladay and Lee in the same rotation in 2010 even if Lee left following the season. And I'm always worried when the Phils trade off their top prospects, but I'm a little more apprehensive this time with the dealing away of the highly regarded Kyle Drabek.

The expert analysts all say the deals could take a few more days to get done, but here's where it stands as of right now:

Deal #1
Phillies get - Pitcher Phillippe Aumont, outfielder Tyson Gillies and pitcher Juan Ramirez
Mariners get - Pitcher Cliff Lee

Deal #2
Phillies get - Pitcher Roy Halladay and cash
Blue Jays get - Pitcher Kyle Drabek, outfielder Michael Taylor, catcher Travis D'Arnaud

Lingering Questions: Why were J.A. Happ and Joe Blanton requested to have physicals yesterday? Is Aumont a comparable prospect to Drabek? Is there any way Deal #2 could happen without needing to do Deal #1? What number will Halladay wear with the Phillies, given #32 was retired in honor of Steve Carlton? (Halladay wore #52 in his rookie year of 1998 - a number currently available.) Is it a coincidence the parties involved are the Blue Jays and Mariners, given former GM Pat Gillick's close ties to both teams?


Dan said...

My head's spinning...who's going where again? And how did the Phillies give up prospects 2-4 for Halladay with one year left on his contract when 1,2, and 4 were too much for him with 1.5 years left on his contract.....why trade Lee at all then if the deals are separate? Eat the money for 2010, get the draft picks next year, and unleash havoc....i'm still rambling incoherently to put together a post of my own yet.

Jim said...

I think my gut reaction of not liking the deal is a result of my head spinning as well. Dealing Lee is akin to a straight salary dump any way you look at it.