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1982 Tastykake Phillies Photo Cards

Number of Cards:  35
Card Size:  3 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Description:  This is the first of eight years during which Tastykake sponsored the Phillies team issued set.  The cards feature black and white pictures, with a mix of action shots and portraits.  Some of the cards include blue facsimile autographs on the fronts, and the backs of all cards are blank.

How Distributed:  The Phillies released two versions of most of these cards.  The first version, and the more readily available version, was released early in the 1982 season and included the Tastykake logo and cards of the coaches and manager with most cards adding a blue facsimile autograph. My best guess is that these cards weren't ever distributed in set form, although I could be wrong.  The cards were most likely handed out to fans individually and supplied to the players in order to reply to fan mail or honor autograph requests.

The second version was issued in set form later in the 1982 season and omitted the coaches, the manager, the Tastykake logo and the blue facsimile autographs.  There are 25 cards in this rare issuance, with Bill Robinson replacing Dick Davis as Robinson was acquired from the Pirates on June 15th and Davis was swapped to the Blue Jays on the same day.  The Dave Roberts card shown below is an example of what the cards from this second set look like.  (I'm not sure of the exact make-up of this 25-card set, other than the fact there's a Bill Robinson card and no Dick Davis card.)

Complete Standard Checklist (Unnumbered, presented here alphabetically): 

1. Luis Aguayo
2. Porfi Altamirano
3. Dave Bristol CO
4. Warren Brusstar
5. Marty Bystrom
6. Steve Carlton
7. Larry Christenson      
8. Pat Corrales MG
9. Dick Davis
10. Mark Davis
11. Ivan DeJesus
12. Bob Dernier

13. Bo Diaz (action)
14. Ed Farmer
15. Greg Gross
16. Deron Johnson CO      
17. Mike Krukow
18. Sparky Lyle
19. Garry Maddox
20. Gary Matthews
21. Len Matuszek
22. Tug McGraw
23. Sid Monge
24. Claude Osteen CO  
25. Ron Reed
26. Dave Roberts
27. Pete Rose
28. Dick Ruthven
29. Mike Ryan CO
30. Mike Schmidt
31. Manny Trillo (without hat)      
32. Del Unser
33. Ozzie Virgil
34. George Vukovich
35. Bobby Wine CO  

One and Only Phillies Baseball Card (0)
First Appearance in Phillies Team Issued Set (11):  Altamirano, M. Davis, DeJesus, Dernier, Diaz, Farmer, Krukow, Matuszek, Monge, Roberts, Virgil
Returning Players in Phillies Team Issued Set (18):  Aguayo, Brusstar, Bystrom, Carlton, Christenson, D. Davis, Gross, Lyle, Maddox, Matthews, McGraw, Reed, Rose, Ruthven, Schmidt, Trillo, Unser, Vukovich

Manager (1):  Corrales
Coaches (4):  Bristol, Johnson, Osteen, Ryan, Wine
Phillie Phanatic (0)
Broadcasters (0)
Commemorative Cards (0)

Surprises:  None, and the player selection is representative of the players who suited up the most for the Phillies in 1982.

Omissions:  Had there been a normal update set, and not the later logo less update set, Bill Robinson would have been a natural inclusion.  Other potential update cards could have been issued for Julio Franco (16 games), Willie Montanez in his return to the club (18 games), Bob Molinaro (19 games) and Stan Bahnsen (8 games).

Variations/Rarities:  The Beckett database entry for this set omits the Bystrom card and adds three cards for a total of 37 cards in the master set. The three cards added are photo variations for Diaz and Trillo, along with a card for ball girl Karen Eberhard.  As fellow collector Rick recently pointed out to me, this Eberhard card shouldn't be included within the set's checklist as a photo of the card shows it has a completely different design.  Also, I'm not sure which versions of the Diaz and Trillo cards are more prevalent or if both versions were printed in equal quantities.

Photo Variations
1. Bo Diaz (portrait)
2. Manny Trillo (with hat)   
Second Set, No Tastykake Logo
1. Bill Robinson

  Ball Girl Card
  1. Karen Eberhard

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Resources:  The Trading Card; Phillies collector Rick (@rickphils)

This set was originally featured in a post back in October 2014, and I'm going to slowly go through some of these team issued set posts and update them with new information gleaned (if any) over the past five years.

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