Monday, June 12, 2017

Surprise Howard, Halladay & Lee Package from @Section_36

1975 Topps #94
2006 Just Rookies
Autographs #6
2010 Topps Topps Town
Gold #FCTTT13
2016 Topps Walmart
Holiday Snowflake #HMW145
The four game set coming up with the Red Sox this week gives me a great excuse to show off a few cards from the best section in Fenway Park - Section 36.  Last month I was the recipient of a surprise package from Section 36 and having already received a package in December containing the annual Section 36 purge of Phillies cards from a decade prior, I was not expecting another package so soon.

I tore into the package of baseball cards and quickly noticed a pattern.  The vast majority of the cards were of former Phillies greats Roy Halladay and Ryan Howard with a sprinkling of Cliff Lee cards thrown in for good measure.  Most of these cards were from post-purge years (2008-2016) so perhaps Section 36 felt the early need to find a good home for these Phillies cards.

In total, the unexpected bounty from Section 36 included 41 Howard cards, 34 Halladay cards and 8 Lee cards.  In the interest of full disclosure, I already had most of these cards in my collection, but my two sons were missing most of these "vintage" cards for their collections.  I'm staying out of the intense negotiation sessions to determine which cards go into which collection.

Along with the Howard, Halladay and Lee cards, there were several other cards that found welcome homes.  Section 36 crossed off two of my 1975 Topps needs with the Jim Lonborg card featured here and the Phillies team card.  There were also two autographed cards of former Phillies prospect Adrian Cardenas.  If I recall correctly, these were both pulled from a repack.  While I'll keep one of the autographed cards, I'll let my sons figure out which of them gets the second.

Finally, I was happy to receive three cards from last year's Topps Walmart Holiday Snowflake special edition set.  I didn't have any of these cards yet so I'll need to track down the other Phillies for a complete set.  Thanks again to Section 36 for the unexpected, but very welcome package!

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Section 36 said...

Glad someone in the house was able to find a use for them!