Monday, September 26, 2016

Valley Forge Autographs! - 5 for 1, Skates, Sarge & Inky

1986 Tastykake Phillies #9
1982 Fleer #259
1982 Donruss #441
1993 Medford Phillies #22
We attended the Valley Forge baseball card show on Sunday and a full summary of our haul can be found in this post from yesterday.  While we weren't tracking down cool Phillies cards for Doug's collection or "old and weird" Phillies cards for his Dad's collection, we were standing in line to obtain autographs from former Phillies players.  At first, I was going to only get a Von Hayes autograph, but the relatively low price per autograph ($10) convinced me to stand in line to meet the other former Phillies as well.  All four were very gracious with their time and they seemed happy to be there. They each shook Doug's hand and Sarge (Gary Matthews) pointed out that he particularly liked Doug's haircut and glasses.

Honestly while it's nice to have these autographs, the biggest thrill for Doug is just getting to meet these former players.  He asked me about each of their careers and who they played with and why they were "good" players.  We talked about how when I was a kid, my Dad would take me to baseball card shows where I'd meet Art Mahaffey or Del Ennis or Don Larsen and then my Dad would tell me all about these guys I had never heard of before.  We then talked about him taking his kids to baseball card shows in the future where the signers would be Aaron Nola and Cameron Rupp and Cody Asche.  I can't wait to go with him to those future shows.

Just when I thought I was finished with very limited edition 2016 Chachi inserts, I decided to make one more four-card set to commemorate our day.

2016 Chachi
Valley Forge Autographs #1
2016 Chachi
Valley Forge Autographs #2
2016 Chachi
Valley Forge Autographs #3
2016 Chachi
Valley Forge Autographs #4


Rob said...

Von looks like he's still in playing shape! Pretty cool...

Jim said...

Von has definitely kept himself in shape. I had forgotten just how tall he is too.