Saturday, June 4, 2016

Far Out! 2016 Chachi Archives Cards Have Arrived! Phils Win!

Phillies 6Brewers 3
Game 55 - Friday Night, June 3rd in Philadelphia
Record - 27-28, 4th place, 6 games behind the Nationals

One Sentence Summary:  Andres Blanco's three-run home run and strong relief pitching led to a 6-3 win over the Brewers, snapping the team's seven-game losing streak.

What It Means:  The Phillies won and they looked super groovy doing it!

What Happened:  Blanco's home run gave the Phillies a 6-0 lead in the fourth inning, and their first genuinely comfortable lead of the season.  Cameron Rupp also homered and Tommy Joseph had a two-hit night.

Once again, Vince Velasquez couldn't escape the fifth inning, allowing two runs on four his while laboring through 94 pitches.  Andrew Bailey, Hector Neris and Jeanmar Gomez (18th save) all contributed scoreless innings in relief.

Featured Cards:  It was 1970s Retro Night at the ballpark and both the Brewers and Phillies wore uniforms from 1976.  It was an odd and interesting sight to see, as these two teams played in opposing leagues in 1976 and wouldn't have ever played each other.  As an added bonus, the Phillies went with the pillbox caps they wore occasionally during the Bicentennial season.  I absolutely love these old uniforms, and I was inspired to create a small insert set of 2016 Chachi Archives cards to highlight some of my favorite photos from the game.

Please click on each of the cards above to enlarge.  These were fun custom cards to create, and I was thankful I still had the templates I had created back in the day for the 2007 Chachi set.

Recently added to The Phillies Room - 2016 Season Summary page with game results and links to game summary posts.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was expecting one or two customs, not 13 great-looking ones!

I understand your not doing the Brewers, but I gotta say I love those unis in all their powder blue, yellow-paneled glory, so I'm just going to have to make my own.

Jim said...

Yes! I smell a cross-brand promotion!

Burnell said...

Those look great!!

Steve F. said...

Great cards, Jim! I have to say I love watching these games in retro unis. And since the Phils won both and lost the two in the 2016 unis, maybe they should do it more often!

Jim said...

Thanks guys! I'd love to see the retro uniforms replace the weekday alternates, which are basically just their red warm-up jerseys.