Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Chachi #29 Bob McClure CO

Robert Craig McClure
Pitching Coach

Bats:  Left  Throws:  Left  Height:  5'11"  Weight:  205
Born:  April 29, 1952, Oakland, CA
Home:  Stuart, FL
Teams - As Player:  Kansas City Royals 1975-1976, Milwaukee Brewers 1977-1986, Montreal Expos 1987-1988, New York Mets 1988, California Angels 1989-1991, St. Louis Cardinals 1991-1992, Florida Marlins 1993
Teams - As Coach:  Florida Marlins 1994, Kansas City Royals 2006-2011, Boston Red Sox 2012, Phillies 2014-

1976 Topps #599
2014 Chachi #29
2014 Phillies Team Issue #22
3 McClure Baseball Cards in My Collection per Zistle
First Card:  2014 Phillies Team Issue #22
First Phillies Card:  2014 Phillies Team Issue #22
First Phillies Topps Base Card:  N/A
First Phillies Team Issued Card:  2014 Phillies Team Issue #22
Latest Card:  2015 Phillies Team Issue #22

First Topps Base Card:  1976 Topps #599 (with Rob Dressler, Ron Guidry and Pat Zachry)
First Chachi Base Card:  2014 Chachi #29

McClure Games I've Attended per Hardball Passport

Cards and game statistics through 5/12/15.


Tony L. said...

McClure was always a decent guy to deal with for Brewers fans when he was with the team. He was never rude that I saw, and he did not mind signing autographs for kids. He's a personal favorite.

Heck, I even have a PC for him!

Jim said...

I always like hearing stuff like this about players. I always just knew McClure as the guy with the fantastic mustache.