Friday, March 13, 2015

1958 Topps #76 Dick Farrell

Phillies 6, Tigers 5
Spring Training Game 10 - Thursday Afternoon, March 12th in Lakeland
Record - 5-4-1

One Sentence Summary:  Led by Andres Blanco's two-run triple, the Phillies rode a six-run fifth inning to a 6-5 win over the Tigers.

What It Means:  Ten games into the spring schedule and the offense finally showed a little pop.

What Happened:  Along with Blanco's big hit, Odubel Herrera and Jeff Francoeur each had a pair of hits.  David Buchancan impressed with three scoreless innings of relief.

Featured Card:  No offense to Blanco or the other Phillies, but of much more interest to me and other baseball fans on Thursday afternoon was Will Ferrell's stunt of playing for ten different teams over five different spring training games.  Unfortunately, the event (which raised funds for cancer research) took place in Arizona so the Phillies weren't able to participate.

I'm hoping Topps is able to issue a special ten-card set as part of a future release to commemorate Ferrell's day.  In the meantime, the closest I can come to paying tribute to this event is by featuring a card of former Phillies pitcher Dick "Turk" Farrell.  (No relation, and different last names but close enough.)

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