Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Cards from the 1950s from the Annual SBWTMABCTJ

1950 Bowman #32
I wrote my last post while coming down from a Christmas cookie high, so perhaps I was a bit premature in declaring that the two Richie Ashburn Bowman cards were my favorite cards obtained in this year's Santa Brings Way Too Many Awesome Baseball Cards to Jim haul.  (The SBWTMABCTOJ if you will.)

Sure the 1950 Bowman Robin Roberts card is small by today's standards, but it's a beautiful baseball card nevertheless.  Featuring a somewhat unusual for this set horizontal orientation, this Roberts card is the Hall of Famers' second Bowman card, coming a year after the appearance of his 1949 rookie card.  This now marks the oldest (and most valuable) Roberts card in my collection, and it gets me one card closer to finishing the tough 1950 Bowman Phillies team set.

1951 Topps Blue Backs #43
Also added from the haul was this 1951 Topps Blue Backs card of Willie "Puddin' Head" Jones.  Not too long ago, I didn't have any 1951 Topps cards in my Phillies collection, and now I'm just a Richie Ashburn and an Eddie Waitkus card away from a complete team set.  Willie looks upset on this card about the Balk call with which his card has been designated.

1955 Bowman #237
Finally, but certainly not least, Johnny Wyrostek's 1955 Bowman card gets me just two cards away from a complete 1955 Bowman Phillies team set.  I've already decided that once I finish off this team set, I'm going to put up a gallery of all the cards, similar to what I did with the very special 1951 Bowman Phillies team set.

2014 Santa Brings Way Too Many Awesome Baseball Cards to Jim
Part 1 - 1952 Bowman and 1953 Bowman Color Richie Ashburn

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