Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Chachi Cloth Patches

As the season winds down, I wanted to feature the "cloth patches" I created to headline each of my series preview posts.  I originally used these during the 2013 season, and I brought them back for the 2014 season.*  I'll be moving on with a new design in 2015 . . . although I haven't quite decided what that new design is going to be.  Presented below are all 30 teams, by division.

*Two of the teams changed their primary logos for 2014.  Using last year as a reference point, can you spot the different logos?


Jim from Downingtown said...

My (complete) guess would be:

Indians (knuckling under to public pressure)
Astros (freshening up for their AL debut)

Jim said...

1 for 2 . . . Astros logo was in place for 2013, and the Indians did indeed get rid of Chief Wahoo as their primary logo.

The second logo that changed in 2014 completely flew under the radar.

Steve F. said...

I didn't guess it, but it's the Buccos. A similar move to the Indians, going to a letter logo that they already used, buckling in to pressure from the pirates lobby. Arrrrrr.

The Indians still use Chief Wahoo, right? Just not as their primary logo? The Indians and Pirates now have the two lamest logos in baseball. Someone call Marketing!

deal said...

Cool to see these all in one place. well done. Looking fwd to the new 2015 design!

Jim said...

Chief Wahoo is now their secondary logo, although I read somewhere that there are drawings showing upcoming renovations to Jacobs Field and Chief Wahoo is nowhere to be found.