Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome to Twitter, @RoyHalladay!

2014 Donruss No No's #7
Phillies 6, Orioles 5
Spring Training Game 15 – Wednesday Afternoon, March 12th in Sarasota
Record – 3-10-2

One Sentence Summary:  The offense came to life led by Domonic Brown's three-run triple, as the Phillies defeated the Orioles, 6-5.

What Happened:  Four Phillies had triples in this game – Brown, Ben Revere, Freddy Galvis and Bobby Abreu.  Abreu also added a double for good measure.  Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett got roughed up a little in his four innings of work, allowing three runs on four hits.  Perhaps the most interesting development in Florida is the fact that Galvis has started two days in a row at short over Jimmy Rollins, who is seemingly perfectly healthy.  Manager Ryne Sandberg has made direct reference to Galvis' "energy and his positive influence," while offering a "no comment" when asked the same about Rollins.

Featured Card:  Other than the game action, the most interesting Phillies-related news yesterday was the positive confirmation that former pitcher Roy Halladay had joined Twitter.  Maybe if I post one of his cards, he'll follow me on Twitter?  Pitcher David Buchanan re-tweeted me yesterday, so maybe Halladay will today?  (Seriously though, I'm a grown man with kids, but having Buchanan re-tweet a link to my post yesterday was pretty cool.)  

This is one of his insert cards from the recently released Donruss set, which pays homage to the original 1986 Donruss set and Doc's no-hitter against the Reds in Game 1 of the 2010 N.L.D.S.


Steve F. said...

Congrats on the retweet!

I love that Donruss is back, via Panini, but I have to say--that's a very busy card. You have:
- the rainbow-like fade on the borders
- the diagonal quadrilaterals across the bottom (in two other colors not showing up in the rainbow)
- the big D and Donruss logo in the upper right using still other colors
- the straight across text at the top
- the black bars on the sides that don't line up straight across with each other--perhaps mirroring the diagonal quadrilaterals?
- the baseball with "No-No's" ins still other font (curved, no less) in the bottom left
- and then almost lost amongst all that, a photo of Halladay pitching with his pitching hand and the baseball covered by the D logo and his hat cropped, probably intentionally to hide the logo.

Ugghh. But, honestly, I do like to see that Donruss is back! I just don't really like that particular card.

Jim said...

Some of the design choices seem to have been made knowing that the logos would be cropped or wiped out. There's A LOT going on with this card and the Panini designers probably hoped that would take the attention away from the lack of any actual team logos.