Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage #20 Cliff Lee

Phillies 2, Red Sox 2
Spring Training Game 23 - Friday Afternoon, March 21st in Clearwater
Record - 6-14-3

One Sentence Summary:  Opening Day starter Cliff Lee cruised through another spring start as the Phillies and Red Sox game ended in a 2-2 tie.

What Happened:  Lee's ready.  He threw six innings of three-hit, two-run baseball against the Red Sox, lowering his spring ERA to 2.75.  Tony Gwynn, Jr., who now has a real possibility of making the team, hit his first home run of the spring.

Prior to the game, it was confirmed that both Darin Ruf (strained oblique) and Freddy Galvis (hospitalized with MRSA) will definitely miss the start of the season.

Featured Card:  I've gotten the sense that some bloggers are already suffering from Heritage fatigue, but I'm definitely not one of them.  I love this set, and I'm really enjoying opening packs of these cards.  My oldest son Doug and I opened a few more packs last night, and this Lee card was one of the new cards added to our collection.  I also Tweeted out a relatively scarce card that I pulled from one of the packs, and this particular card may just find itself in Section 36 at some point.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit that, once I finally got my hands on some Heritage, nothing could match the anticipation that had built up. I started picking nits in reaction ("Marlins, Cubs and Tigers all have the same color combo? What the what???") but now that I've calmed down I'm coming to appreciate the work that went into this set. I'm sure that once they start finding their way into binders, I'll be sitting back saying "Oh, yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..." :-)

Section 36 said...

That was a great pull! I'd be happy to give it a good home. Gotta try and fine something worthwhile to send your way.

Jim said...

It's a great set. I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be going after a "master" set and I think that only adds to my appreciation of the more readily available cards. In years past, I would spend a fortune tracking down the Heritage variations just so that I could say I have the master set. As I grow older and slightly wiser, I realize that the variations don't appeal to me at all. The base cards do. And so that's what I'm going after. Master set be damned.

S36 - I'm setting aside that card and a few others for you. I know you'll appreciate having it much more than I will. Now if it had been a Victorino autograph . . . that's a different story.

Steve F. said...

I looked at the Jay Ritchie card in your tweet and said to myself, Topps did such a great job they made that guy look like he is actually from 1965.

The I looked him up to see if he is an older prospect I hadn't heard of, a journeyman, or what--and it turns out he actually is from 1965.

I guess people just looked different in the past.

Jim said...

It was a simpler time then.