Monday, December 23, 2013

Mizerock Joins Coaching Staff

1984 Donruss #380
In a move that flew under the radar a little, the Phillies announced that John Mizerock will serve as Steve Henderson's assistant hitting coach in 2014.  Mizerock joined the coaching staff of the High-A Clearwater Threshers in 2011, and he'll take over for Wally Joyner who left the club to assume the hitting coach duties for the Detroit Tigers.

Between 1983 and 1989, Mizerock appeared in 103 games with the Astros and Braves, compiling a .186 career batting average.  He also served as the interim manager for the Royals back in 2002, going 5-8 in his short stint between Tony Muser's departure and Tony Pena's hiring.

2013 Grandstand Clearwater
Threshers #27
Mizerock has appeared on numerous minor league baseball cards throughout his playing and coaching career, and he's appeared on the following four mainstream baseball cards, all as a member of the Astros:

1984 Donruss #380, 1986 Donruss #502, 1987 Donruss #653, 1987 Topps #408

In 2014, Mizerock will be the lucky recipient of a Chachi card.  And speaking of the 2014 Chachi set . . . I'm still trying to figure out how to portray the Phillies coaches using the 1988 Topps design.  There were no multi-player cards within the 1988 Topps set, so I'm going to have to get creative similar to what I had to do a few years ago.  Suggestions and tips are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Maybe do it like a "Record Breaker" card, and just have head shots against a red background.

...That's just my initial idea, I'll keep the problem in the back of my mind...

hiflew said...

I think it would be good to do it like the leaders card with the "fog" surrounding either the head shots or a group photo if you find one.

Of course you could just make a coach card that fills in the name triangle like a manager's card, but with the word coach instead. Now that I think about it, that is probably the best way and it gives you a chance to give each coach their own card.

Anonymous said...

Here's another idea: Base the coaches card on the All Star cards... Frame each head shot in a colored diamond with the coach's name underneath. You could put multiple coaches on a card that way, although if it were me, I think I'd make it a horizontal card with 2 coaches each, and make it sort of like you took 2 All Star cards, put them side-to-side and merged them together. You could also change the colors involved to match the green & purple of the regular Phillies cards. I think it's an idea worth playing with, anyway.

As long as I'm brainstorming, I think it'd be fun to have a custom or two based on the glossy "All-Star" and "Rookie" cards that were rack pack inserts. Also, maybe the "Super Star" cards that they used as backing for the Topps Stickers.

...I'll have to remember this stuff; if you don't use these ideas, I might just do them myself...

Section 36 said...

I was going to suggest the all-star card design. So, instead, I'll just agree with shlabotnikreport. Wonder how many can fit nicely on one card.

Jim said...

These are all awesome suggestions. I'm going to play around with a few ideas and I should be ready to go by April!