Saturday, June 29, 2013

1981 Topps Home Team 5 x 7 Phillies

There's a picture of me somewhere at 6 or 7 years old sitting in front of my bedroom door on 12th Street.  Every available space on the door is occupied by cards from the giant-sized 1980 Topps Superstar 5 x 7 set or the similar 1981 Topps Home Team or National 5 x 7 sets.  The set with the most Phillies in it was the 1981 Topps Home Team 5 x 7 set, appropriately named since the home team's cards were most readily available in that home team's market.  These cards still make me incredibly nostalgic.


Anonymous said...

I never understood why these cards weren't more popular, but I think that about every oversized set I collect.

I've got several of the 1981 Hometown sets, but not the Phillies. I might have to do something about that.

Matt Runyon said...

We had the Dodgers and Angels in Arizona. At the time I really wished the Phillies would have been available here.

I managed to get all of the home team sets over the years. It's too bad they didn't do a Giants/A's set.

Jim said...

I'm surprised Topps hasn't gone back to this set's design yet for a possible box topper set.

Steve F. said...

Good point--that would be a great box topper. It's the right size.

I bought the national set by mail order back in '81 (when I was 12) but I only landed this set earlier this year somehow. I have to say I love the set.