Friday, June 28, 2013

1980 Kellogg's Phillies

I wanted to give my scanner a rest after the last gallery, which featured all the Phillies cards from the 1976 SSPC set.  We're leaving the 1970s and heading into the 1980s with the next set.

Along with the 1979 and 1980 Burger King Phillies set, the 1980 Kellogg's cards were the first true oddball cards to enter my collection back in the day.  I was never lucky enough to pull any Phillies from a box of Apple Jacks, and it was only until many years later that I added these cards to my collection.  I decided to enlarge the scans below a little to better display the cards in all their lenticular glory.



Anonymous said...

I never had any Kellogg's cards when I was a kid, but lately I've been trying to make up for lost time. There's nothing quite like a "3-D" card when it's done really well.

BTW, I had nice things to say about a former Phillie today, and I'd hate for it to get lost in the shuffle when you get back:

Jim said...

I'm going to be doing a series of posts to catch up on the week that was, and I'll definitely cover the news on Dutch. Very sad and I'm hoping he can pull through this.

Steve F. said...

I started collecting 3D Phillies cards last year and have all but 3 from 1978. I took an expansive view and added 3 cards that picture the player with another team but say on the back "Traded to Phillies" or have a Phillies logo (Kaat, Flood and one other than I am forgetting).

You can put together a nice 3-D album that includes the main run of Kellogg's cards (1970 to 1983 or so, with a single 2-D Carlton thrown in there from 1973), a couple later Kellogg's ones, and some recent Topps Lineage/Archives/Opening Day cards as well.

I haven't yet worked any Sportflics into my binder, but technically they are lenticular motion cards and not 3-D. Also, they are ugly as sin, IMHO. Yet someday I will probably add them.

By the way, my 1979 Kellogg's cards are quite faded--only that year. Anyone else have that problem?

Jim said...

That 1973 Carlton 2-D card has always bugged me for some reason.

My 1979 Kellogg's cards aren't that faded, at least not any more than my other Kellogg's cards.

Steve F. said...

That's good to know that your 1979s aren't fade. Maybe I just got a bum batch of them. I think I bought them from the same Beckett Marketplace seller--maybe the ones he had were all from the same source, a batch left in the sunlight for too long. I think I will try to re-buy them from someone else.