Monday, April 29, 2013

2005 Chachi #20 Aaron Fultz

A very cool thing happened to me on Sunday, related to this blog and the custom baseball cards I've been creating since 2005.

I don't get control of the TV much these days, as our boys tend to dictate our viewing habits.  Our TV is usually tuned to Disney Junior or there's a Winnie the Pooh DVD running on a continuous loop.  On Sunday, as both boys were otherwise occupied, I found the remote and tuned into The Charlie Manuel Show on the local WPHL station, channel 17.

The Charlie Manuel Show is the weekly pre-pre-game show that features cutesy segments with the Phillies manager talking baseball, or hanging out around town, or spending time with his family.  It airs on Sunday before the actual pre-game show – Behind the Pinstripes.  Having switched over to the show, I noticed they were doing a segment on former Phillies relief pitcher Aaron Fultz.  Fultz is now in his second season as a pitching coach for a Phillies minor league team, this year serving on Mickey Morandini's staff for the Lakewood Blueclaws.  The segment was talking about Fultz's time with the Phillies when they flashed up some pictures and a baseball card showing Fultz during his playing days.

And it was a Chachi card.  It was one of my Chachi cards.

"That's my card!" I shouted at the TV.  My oldest son Doug was immediately concerned because he thought the TV people had somehow broken into our house and stolen my card.  I quickly explained that I had made the card that was now up on our TV screen, and the TV people must have found it on the internet.  His concern lifted, Doug shrugged and went back to playing Legos.

The official television debut of the 2005 Chachi set
But how cool is that?  My guess is that one of the people working on the show was tasked with finding an Aaron Fultz baseball card to use as a graphic during the segment.  As there aren't an abundance of Fultz Phillies cards in the world, a quick Google search promptly turned up my card.  This is the first time I've published the actual card on The Phillies Room, so they must have stumbled across the card in the Picassa photo album which contains the entire 2005 Chachi set.

So if you were one of the dozens of people in the Delaware Valley who noticed the cool 1975 Topps-style Aaron Fultz card on last week's Charlie Manuel show – That's my card!


Section 36 said...

That's amazing! great work.

Burnell said...

That's awesome news. Congrats!

deal said...

That is so cool! Congrats!

Steve F. said...

Nice! I have the show on my DVR still, so I will check it out tonight!

P.S. I'm a lawyer, so if you want to sue PHL17 for copyright infringement, just let me know....


Jim said...

I promise not to let this wide-spread fame go to my head.