Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage #226 Steven Lerud & Luis Antonio Jimenez

Blue Jays 13, Phillies 4
Spring Training Game 29 - Monday Afternoon, March 25th in Dunedin
Record - 13-15-1

One Sentence Summary:  In one of his final spring tune-ups, starting pitcher John Lannan was shelled by the Blue Jays in a 13-4 loss.

What It Means:  Maybe Lannan was just working on some things?  Let's hope.

What Went Wrong:  In four innings, Lannan allowed 12 runs on 14 hits, including two home runs.  It wasn't pretty.

Featured Card:  A post on Beerleaguer last night broke down the remaining two roster battles as Phillippe Aumont vs. Michael Stutes for the final bullpen spot and Humberto Quintero vs. Steven Lerud for the back-up catcher's job.  Nothing against Quintero, but I'd like to see Lerud win the battle to give the 28-year-old another shot at the Majors.  Lerud spent nine seasons in the minors before earning a cup of coffee with the Phillies towards the latter part of 2012.  Known mainly for his defense, Lerud is hitting .235 this spring while Quintero is hitting .261.  Lerud earned his first Phillies card in this year's Topps Heritage release, although he's sharing space with Mariners prospect Luis Antonio Jimenez.


Jim from Downingtown said...

I don't think Topps is replicating their 1964 style here. If players were from different teams, the team names were not used. Rather, "AL Rookies" or "NL Rookies" was used instead.

Jim said...

You're absolutely right. Little things like this bug me.