Friday, February 8, 2013

2005 Phillies Want List

2005 Upper Deck #154
I recently added my complete 2005 Phillies Want List to Google Drive.

I think every collector has a year or more during which there are little to no baseball cards collected.  For me, that year was 2005.  Looking back on the year, I can come up with several excellent reasons as to why collecting baseball cards was very low on my list of priorities:

1.  We were happily living in our first house, and our weekends were filled with day trips, concerts and sporting events.
2.  We went to Disney World - twice.
3.  We got married.

Whenever I see fellow bloggers display cards from 2005, I take special notice since I've seen so few cards from that year.  My 2005 Phillies want list is massive, and I've recently uploaded it to Google Drive.  Once the list is more manageable, I'll list out individual cards here.

Until then, if you have any unwanted or extra 2005 Phillies baseball cards just lying around, I'd gladly give them a good home!

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