Monday, December 24, 2012

2007 Upper Deck Holiday Inn #53 Chase Utley

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm as excited as Chase Utley with two healthy knees taking a big lead off first base.  The last month or so has been fairly hectic and rather stressful, but now I'm thankful for a solid week with nothing more to do than spend time with my wonderful family and prepare for what should be an exciting new year.

This is one of two cards in my collection with the word "holiday" in its title.  The other being Ryan Howard's card from the same 60-card set.

Don't forget to put out cookies for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer.  Merry Christmas!


Section 36 said...

Merry Christmas!

deal said...

Although, I bet you have a lot of cards that say Halladay on them.

Jim said...

Quite a few Halladay cards. Hoping for more Halladay cards with designations of All-Star, Cy Young award winner, World Series champ, etc.