Friday, October 19, 2012

1954 Topps #212 Mickey Micelotta

I wrote a few weeks ago about the awesome birthday present I received from my Mom.  To recap, she tracked down 10 different 1954 Topps cards needed for my collection, leaving me one card shy of a full Phillies team set.

Last Sunday, my family gathered at my sister's house to spend time together and reminisce about my Dad.

My Mom came bearing gifts for her grandchildren . . . and for me.  After handing out her goodies to the younger kids, she produced the card featured here for her oldest kid.  And with the addition of Mickey Micelotta to my collection, my 1954 Topps Phillies team set is complete!

She's done an unbelievable job carrying on my Dad's tradition of tracking down cards for my collection.  I'm one lucky kid.


Matt Runyon said...

wow -- that is really, really cool!

Section 36 said...

Your Mom is awesome!