Thursday, August 23, 2012

1991 Stadium Club Members Only #3 Tommy Greene

Reds 3, Phillies 2
Game 124 - Wednesday Night, August 22nd in Philadelphia
Record - 57-67

One Sentence Summary:  It was '90s Retro Night at the ballpark, with both the Phillies and their offense turning back the clock to the woeful early '90s.

What It Means:  Both the Phillies are Reds wore retro uniforms from 1991.  Bring back the burgundy uniforms!

What Went Wrong:  The Phillies managed just two hits through the first eight innings - both from Domonic Brown.  Brown hit a solo home run with two outs in the fifth to break up Bronson Arroyo's perfect game.

Featured Card:  The Phillies played a highlight reel prior to the game from their 1991 season.  (It was a short reel.)  The most memorable event from that season was perhaps Tommy Greene's no-hitter against the Expos on May 23rd and Greene was on hand to throw out the first pitch.  The 45-year-old right-hander looks as if he could still be more effective on the mound than some of the current Phillies relievers.

Field Report:  Jenna and I were there as the Phillies paid tribute to the '90s, complete with the Phanatic performing with Spice Girls look-alikes and one-hit wonder Spacehog singing "In the Meantime" prior to the ballgame.  The scoreboard photos featured the Phillies photo-shopped into photos of recognizable '90s icons - Jimmy Rollins was the Fresh Prince, Ty Wigginton was Forrest Gump and our personal favorite, as evidenced below, Chase Utley was Dylan McKay.  The Phils are now 3-7 in games I've attended this year.

Photo Credit:  Jenna


Dan said...

1991! the year of the 13 game winning streak...that was my favorite year until 1993. and mitch williams!

Steve F. said...

Those weren't the current Reds road jerseys? That's a serious question. I turned it on in the second inning (after having been there on Monday night) and thought, "Bummer, the Reds should have worn retro as well."

Steve F. said...

BTW, the Phils are 1-8 for me at home and 1-0 on the road (the opener in Pittsbugh). Monday night was the first win I had seen. And because my parents came along and I didn't want them stuck in traffic before their hour-long commute home, we ducked out in the 8th, so I didn't even get to hear Harry singing!

Jim said...

I too was a fan of the '91 Phils and one my fondest memories is convincing my Dad to go see Game #13 in the winning streak. Terry Mulholland out-pitched Denny Martinez for the win over the Expos.

Steve F. said...

I honestly can't remember the 13-game winning streak. That said, in 2002 I was living in California and attended a couple games during the A's 20-game winning streak--including the final game that was featured so prominently in the movie version of Moneyball. Maybe winning streaks are things that if you were there you remember forever, and if you only saw it on TV, you forget?