Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where the Ex-Phillies Are - N.L. East

2008 Upper Deck Phillies World Series Champions #PP-39, #PP-29, #PP-23 and #PP-34

I pay fairly close attention to the transaction wire throughout the off-season, but I still get surprised every spring when I find out where some ex-Phillies have ended up.  One of my rituals of spring is to scan each and every team's 40-man roster and non-roster invitee list and pick out the number of ex-Phillies populating each team's roster.  I used to complete this exercise with the help of The Sporting News or the wonderful, but short-lived Baseball Weekly, but now, through the wonder of technology, I have every team's roster a few clicks away.

I'm going to take a look at each the ex-Phillies warming up this week in Florida and Arizona, starting with the N.L. East.

Atlanta Braves
Pitching Coach Roger McDowell (1989-1991), Special Assistant Lee Elia (coach 1980-1981; 1985-1987 and manager 1987-1988), Outfielder Michael Bourn (2006-2007)

Miami Marlins
Infielder Greg Dobbs (2007-2010), Outfielder Aaron Rowand* (2006-2007)

New York Mets
I noticed a few former Phillies farmhands on the roster, but no ex-Phillies.

Washington Nationals
Manager Davey Johnson (1977-1978), Hitting Coordinator Rick Schu (1984-1987; 1991), Pitchers Brad Lidge (2008-2011) and Chad Durbin* (2008-2010), Outfielders Jayson Werth (2007-2010) and Jason Michaels* (2001-2005)

* Non-Roster Invitee

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