Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where the Ex-Phillies Are - N.L. Central

2002 Bowman #144, #96, #288 and #334
Today I'll take a look at the ex-Phillies in camp with the N.L. Central teams.

Chicago Cubs
Manager Dale Sveum (1992), Defensive Coordinator Bill Dancy (coach 2005-2006), Latin American Field Coordinator Carmelo Martinez (1990), Minor League Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator Lee Tinsley (1996), Outfielder Marlon Byrd (2002-2005), Pitchers Rodrigo Lopez* (2009) and Trever Miller* (2000)

Cincinnati Reds
First Base Coach Billy Hatcher (1994), Baseball Operations Assistant Joe Morgan (1983), Pitcher Ryan Madson (2003-2011), Infielders Miguel Cairo (2009), Scott Rolen (1996-2002) and Wilson Valdez (2010-2011)

Houston Astros
Manager Brad Mills (coach 1997-2000), Pitchers Sergio Escalona (2009), J.A. Happ (2007-2010) and Brett Myers (2002-2009), Infielder Joe Thurston* (2006)

Milwaukee Brewers
Manager Ron Roenicke (1986-1987), Pitchers Randy Wolf (1999-2006) and Juan Perez* (2011)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Third Base Coach Nick Leyva (manager 1989-1991), Catching Coordinator Tom Prince (1999-2000), Catcher Rod Barajas (2007)

St. Louis Cardinals
Assistant Hitting Coach John Mabry (2002), Hitting Coordinator Derrick May (1997), Pitchers Kyle Lohse (2007), J.C. Romero (2007-2011) and R.J. Swindle* (2008)

Where the Ex-Phillies Are
N.L. East

*Non-Roster Invitee


Steve F. said...

This is great that you are doing this. My autographed Phillies card collection (which now stands, per my spreadsheet, at 538, not counting signed photocards, which are not yet on there) especially thanks you.

As just one example, and I realize this is a statement that only an obsessive Phillies collector can make without irony, I never ever would have tracked down Lee Tinsley without this sort of list.

Jim said...

Always happy to help fellow obsessive Phillies fans!