Saturday, December 3, 2011

1976 Isalay's/Sweet William Discs Phillies

I honestly think I could start a weekly ongoing series entitled, "Cool Stuff John Sent Me."  Included within the latest magic package from John was the complete Phillies team set from the 1976 Isalay's/Sweet William Discs set.

This was yet another set with which I was not familiar, so it was off to the Standard Catalog.  In 1976, there were 70 discs issued in the set by the Isalay's dairy store and the Sweet William restaurants in the Pittsburgh area.    Here are the six Phillies included in the set, in all their circular glory.

This has been another installment of Cool Stuff John Sent Me, brought to you by Isalay's!  With 155 locations to serve you.  (At least in 1976.)

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