Thursday, November 24, 2011

2010 Topps Turkey Red #TR23 Mike Schmidt

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May your day be filled with family, fun and turkey.  I have just a few blog housekeeping notes on this day of thanks:

I recently added a page to the blog that will serve as the gateway to all my Topps Phillies posts.  I found myself going back to these posts more than once as I prepared new Topps Phillies posts, and I thought a table of contents page would be a good idea.  I even got semi-tech-savvy with the lay-out, using HTML coding to arrange the cards in a table format.  I like the way the page turned out, if I do say so myself.  (I've included a screen grab at the bottom of this post.)

In the coming months, I'm going to revamp my Wantlists page using the same format.  Prior to the start of Spring Training, I hope to add wantlists for pre-war Phillies cards and older Phillies oddball cards.  My recent first purchase of a tobacco card has made me realize that these cards aren't completely out of reach, as long as VG or worse condition isn't an issue.  Maybe I'll even try to track down some of the original Phillies Turkey Red cards from 1911.  Also, at long last, I hope to put together my wantlists for 2003-2005 Phillies cards.  I've largely ignored those years up to this point in my collecting journeys.

Finally, I'm going to continue on with my Topps Phillies posts, which I try to post every Sunday morning.  Getting the 1986 Topps Phillies post up by this Sunday may be a challenge however, as I fully intend to eat myself into a turkey coma.

New & Improved Topps Phillies Page - Just in time for the holidays!

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