Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 Topps #424 David Herndon

Today's Quiz:  Can you name the 7 players who survived through the entire 2010 season on the Phillies' active roster?  (Answer is below.)  That's crazy, when you think about it.  The Phillies have had only 7 players suit up every day since Opening Day.  They've used 42 different players this year.  According to Baseball Reference, through Tuesday night's game, Charlie Manuel has run out 90 different line-ups, excluding the pitcher's spot.  The "everyday" line-up when the season started has taken the field together only 9 times.  They've made 42 roster changes this year, and the longest the team went without making a roster change was a 14-game stretch in early June.

And yet, somehow, the team is now 3 games ahead of the Braves in the NL East.  Amazing.

2010 Topps #154

Former Phillies Triviality:  There are four Ex-Phillies featured as Phillies on regular-issued 2010 baseball cards.  Each of them left the Phillies in the offseason for different teams, and they've each since moved on to yet another organization - Cliff Lee (Mariners to Rangers), Pedro Feliz (Astros to Cardinals), Eric Bruntlett (Nationals' organization to the Yankees' organization) and Jack Taschner (Pirates to the Dodgers).

2011 Chachi Set:  The 2011 Chachi Set Planning Committee will be meeting shortly to discuss the classic Topps' design to be used for the 2011 Chachi set.  Without giving too much away, the Committee has held internal discussions and the early indications are that either the '83 or '71 Topps sets will be used as the inspiration for next year's set.  Surprisingly, the '88 Topps set has entered the fray and the '65 Topps set has emerged as a dark horse candidate.  The '65 Topps set intrigues me, and I only have a few more years until Topps runs this design out again as 2014 Topps Heritage.

Trivia Answer:  Only outfielders Raul Ibañez, Jayson Werth, Ben Francisco, starters Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels and relievers Jose Contreras and David Herndon have been on the Phillies' active 25-man roster for the entire 2010 season.


Anonymous said...

1983 Topps is my all-time favorite, so I'm pulling for that. I would love to see this Phillies team featured in that design. I think the All-Star cards from that set are awesome, too. I really love the Schmidt, wearing the warmup jacket, getting ready for some fielding practice.

The '65 set is also a great design. Especially for the Phillies. I love the white penannt with the red Phillies on it.

Jim said...

I'm leaning towards '83. I'm a little concerned about having to come up with 2 pictures for guys like Wilson Valdez, but I've always liked the '83 set.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Regarding the 2011 Chachi set: Use 1967!

Jim said...

Regarding 1967 - I'll get there one day! I figure I have a finite number of sets to work with up until 1990.