Saturday, September 25, 2010

1940-1949 Phillies Want List

1949 Bowman #14
Futile?  Probably.  Realistic?  Not really.  Fun to day dream about tracking these cards down?  Absolutely.

1940 Play Ball (R335)
94 Suhr, 95 Mulcahy, 96 Mueller, 97 Arnovich, 98 May, 99 Johnson, 100 Martin, 101 Young, 102 Klein, 119 Alexander, 160 Lobert, 216 Marty, 217 Beck, 218 Millies, 240 Atwood

1941 Double Play (R330) 

1941 Goudey
1 Mulcahy, 17 Tamulis, 27 Crouch

1941 Play Ball (R336)

1946-1949 Sports Exchange (W603)
3-3 Ennis

1947-1966 Exhibits
Have Ashburn, Ennis, Konstanty, Sisler and 1950 Team Card

1947 Homogenized Bond Bread
Ennis - I have the square corner Ennis card, but I'm looking for a round corner card

1948 Bowman
24 Leonard, 28 Verban

1948 Leaf
49 Ennis, 68 Miller, 113 Leonard, 137 Walker, 143 Sisler

1948 Philadelphia Bulletin Stand-Ups
HAVE Sisler

1949 Bowman
214 Ashburn, 228 Mayo

1949 Eureka Stamps
128 Ashburn, 130 Bicknell, 131 Blattner, 133 Caballero, 135 Ennis, 136 Hamner, 138 Hollmig, 140 Konstanty, 142 Mayo, 144 Roberts, 145 Rowe

1949 MP and Co. R302-2 - 109 Ennis

1949 Philadelphia Bulletin
HAVE Sisler

I found this Curt Simmons baseball card on the cheap (less than $10) over at Checkoutmycards a few months ago.  As of this writing, it's my first and only '49 Bowman card and I really like how Bowman took a black and white photo and added color highlights to Simmons' hat and uniform.  One of the coolest things about adding these older cards to my collection is that I've never even seen pictures of most of these cards.  There's a whopping 19 Phillies cards in the '49 Bowman set, and eight of these cards are in the elusive high series (cards 145-240), so they'll be even tougher to track down.

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Steve F. said...

I just received the 1948 (sometimes called 1949 Leaf) Ennis card from an eBay purchase and came her to see what other ones I needed. After looking up each of them on eBay, I think you can safely remove Emil "Dutch" Leonard and Harry "The Hat" Walker from your wantlist. Look at the cards on eBay. The fronts both show them as Cubs, and the backs both list them as Cubs, with the text of each saying that they were recently traded there (two separate trades, about a month or two apart, by the way). I have deleted both from my own wantlist.