Friday, June 11, 2010

1982 Cracker Jack #14 Robin Roberts

Red Sox 12, Phillies 2
Game 59 - Friday Night, June 11th in Boston

I have a bad feeling about this. For the Phillies and their fans, tonight's game was ugly. In what was most likely the worst start of Jamie Moyer's career, the Phils were out of it before we even had a chance to settle in for the night. Moyer lasted 1+ inning, allowing 9 runs on 9 hits. Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley were all pulled from the game early in order to give them a few innings off. Jayson Werth finished the night 3 for 4, so that's something positive.

Section 36: I recently had the pleasure of answering several questions posed to me by Ron over in Section 36. His Red Sox blog offers insight into his team, features prior score cards from games he scored and occasionally features a Q&A with a blogger from an opposing team, among other cool features. Please head over to Section 36 to read my Visitor's Views and please disregard my prediction for this series.

Cracker Jack: I've always liked this oddball card of the Phillies' #36, Robin Roberts. The script team name is reminiscent of the '78 Topps set, which is fitting as the 16-card set was produced by Topps. This card has been carefully cut from the sheet containing the 8 Hall of Fame National League players in the set. The other 8 cards featured Hall of Fame American League players.


Section 36 said...

Thanks for the promo!

On the bright side, your prediction might be close. The series could still end up with a sweep.

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