Sunday, May 30, 2010

2006 Chachi #41 Rick White

Marlins 1, Phillies 0
Game 49 - Sunday Afternoon, May 30th in Miami

If not for the lingering euphoria from Roy Halladay's perfect game on Saturday night, the woeful state of the Phillies' offense would have me seriously grumpy right now. As the Phils prepare to leave Miami and head for Atlanta, it sure doesn't seem as if they won the series, but they managed to take 2 of 3 from the equally offensively-challenged Marlins.

For the 4th time in six games, the Phils were shut out. Anibal Sanchez added his name this afternoon to the growing list of recent starting pitchers the Phillies couldn't touch. Jamie Moyer was the hard luck loser, allowing just a 6th inning run and surrendering 4 hits. The Phils managed just 4 hits - 2 of them from Shane Victorino - and they left 8 runners on base.

This has got to end right? The Phillies are too good a team to be this miserable at the plate.

#00: The Phils won after I decided to go with a baseball card of #0, Al Oliver, in a recent post. So I'll play the #00 card tonight with Rick White. White was picked from the scrap heap by the Phils in June 2006 after being waived by the Reds. He appeared in 38 games with a 4.34 ERA, but he was not invited back for the 2007 season. I know I'm safe using the picture featured on this 2006 Chachi card, as I'm the one who took it. This shot is from the Phillies on-field Photo Day event in July 2006.

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